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Poppies Return

Finger painted poppies.



Taster Session - ‘Illustrative Life’ Exhibition

Here are a few photos that were taken during the prep for the exhibition ‘Illustrative Life’, which previews at the Foxlowe in Leek - 26th April at 6.30pm. See you there.



Crap Cat, just got crappier (but his box is quite nice)

I had a go at making Crap Cat, with very interesting results. I think that I should just stick to the paints and the brushes and leave the needles and thread to the ‘other people’. Much respect to you all.



'Illustrative Life' Exhibition - 26th April 2013 in LEEK

I’m very excited to be exhibiting at the Foxlowe in Leek, Staffordshire this Friday, but I’m not on my own this time. There are four other, incredible artists taking part in the ‘Illustrative Life’ exhibition, with work ranging from sculpture, photography, mixed media and paint - all with very distinctive styles. To top it all, there are live bands and a bar downstairs. So really, what’s not to love.

Preview night - 26th April
Exhibition open - 27th April

See you there



A new Direction - The Buildings

Sometimes, when you have been doing something for a while, it’s good to
shake things up a bit.  The ‘ladies’ will always be part of what I do, but
you have to keep things new for yourself, as well as your collectors.
This can come in the form of a new colour palette, a story, or in my case
it was something about as far removed from my ladies as could possibly be.

The buildings. 

Scratchy, scribbled, full of energy with the tiniest amount of colour, and then, the colour palette is restricted to 3 tones.  This, to me, was like a breathe of fresh air.  Whole canvases could be completed in a short space of time, but the stories behind the buildings, the stories that I make up, is what makes this new direction so interesting to me.  What I hope I’m managing to do is mix the styles a little, and bring something old fashioned, into something vibrant.  An old tale, with a backdrop of chaos.  Sounds a bit like the story of my life.

I think the seed for the buildings was planted when we went on holiday to Portugal this year.  I loved the multi-story, ornate apartments, with their balconies, and the grand old architecture of the town centre buildings, all painted very vivid colours, acid greens and blues, with a healthy amount of flesh pink thrown in. 

However, the biggest shock was when I came home and started looking around my hometown of Halifax, and all the buildings that I had been drawing, with their arched windows, balconies, cobbled streets, doorways and stone carvings - they were right
here all along, and I didn’t even realise it - I was in fact painting my home town in Yorkshire - and not just, as I’d thought, the beautiful towns of Portugal.

All we have to do is look up.

Angela x




I was commissioned by Pennine Prospects to paint a map. Not just any old map, but a HUGE, hand painted map of the whole of the South Pennines. If that doesn’t mean much to you, it’s a massive area in the north of England, full of wild moors, huge hills and really dramatic landscapes.

It’s for a big project for an organisation called Pennine Prospects, who promote the vast & beautiful area, for it’s unique landscape, it’s amazing pubs, shops & restaurants, it’s quirky (and I MEAN quirk!) towns, and all the things that makes it an ace place to live and visit.

So……. This map is HUGE. And it’s going to be printed as a fold up map & brochure at about A0 size (which is also big) for people to take away.

I’ve been gathering information on what makes each town special and then painting it in around it’s spot on the map. We’ve had some great trips out to get a feel of some of the places.

The finished original will be toured around the tourist information centres in the Pennines, and I want to add long canvases either side, so people can write about their favourite places and experiences of the South Pennines, and help the piece to grow and take on a life of it’s own. Also there’s loads of other things to do with it too, but I’m having to keep those a bit secret for now!!

I’m working on the whole project with my husband Chris as we were jointly commissioned to do the project (he’s a designer & brand person) and we’ve also produced a handbook on local distinctiveness for businesses.

The main character that runs through it all is a little Twite - a tiny bird that only lives in this are, with only 200 pairs in existence. Any resemblance to a real twite is purely an accident - even though I tried!



An oldie but goodie!

be brave

be brave

A RETURN TO BLOGGING (let’s see how this goes!)

When I changed websites, I decided that no one really wanted to see my blogging, as I just don’t think that my life is that interesting, and as well I do facebook, so that’s been the way I coomunicated for a while. But quite a few people have said “Why did you stop?” and “I don’t do facebook!”. 

So after a while I decided to start again. Don’t expect any earth shattering events or great debates, but do expect some randomness, ramblings and some squiggly drawings.

Hope you like.

And to start, here’s an idea I was playing with.

A bit of a life study from the kebab shop. Glamour all the way….

A bit of a life study from the kebab shop. Glamour all the way….